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Having neatly manicured hair is somewhat of a social expectation these days, in professional settings well-kept hair is the minimal expectation. Nothing can make you feel confident and happy like going out with a fresh haircut. Haircuts are more important than you may think when it comes to maintaining your own looks and the health of your hair. Hair grows out over time, and as it gets longer the ends get more damaged and breaks apart, making it look frizzy and just unhealthy. Having these ends trimmed off on a regular basis promotes the growth of new healthy hair and helps to keep the entire strand of hair healthy from top to bottom. Your daily hair care routines impact your hair’s health more than you may know. If you wash your hair every single day you’re probably stripping it of all the oils it needs to protect it and stay strong. Also when drying your hair, if you rub instead of dab you’re tearing up your hair on the microscopic level, causing those split ends to form sooner. And if you’re doing anything like flat ironing your hair, you’re causing quite a bit of damage without a doubt.

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When getting your hair cut, unless you’re just doing it at home, you need to go to a licensed and professional hairdresser. To become licensed, a hair stylist has to go through many hundreds of hours of training and practice, it’s not like you can just go get one on a whim. When you go to a licensed hairdresser, you can count on getting nothing less than quality service. They also know what’s going on with hairstyles in the modern day, they’ll be able to recommend things to you and figure out what looks best with your head shape and body type. Anyone CAN go out and cut hair, but not everyone can do it well. Your friend may be doing haircuts for $5, but there’s no way of guaranteeing the results, you’re taking that risk with your hair. Hair does of course grow back, but it can take a while for it to recover fully from a bad haircut, and it may never recover from bad coloring! So go the safe route, go see a professional hair dresser always.

So long as you are going to a licensed hair stylist, they should be able to do pretty much anything you may need unless it’s super specialized. They’re going to be able to advise what you should and shouldn’t use on your hair product wise, especially if you’re actively searching for better alternatives. From trimming off half an inch all around to a clean shave, they should be able to do it all. Even beards should be fair game, most hairdressers should have no problem getting you trimmed up. With a pro hairdresser you can pretty much expect a perfect haircut 99% of the time, and you can feel comfortable with more advanced things like color and curling. It’s actually pretty hard to get the shading right when it comes to hair color, it doesn’t take much to mess it up. Not going to see a pro like you should could mean that you’re going to be stuck with a hair color you don’t want for possibly months or longer, and it’s just not worth that. A true pro cuts hair all day long, they’re going to know things to watch out for and more.


Most of us do already visit a professional hair dresser for all of our hair care related needs, which is fantastic, keep it up! It’s just important that you go to the professionals, they spend hundreds of hours learning and thousands of hours perfecting their craft, they’re pretty much going to guarantee you good results. The best thing you can do is just look around on the internet and ask friends about haircuts Clayton NC, you’re bound to find one you like a lot and that cuts your hair amazingly!