Personal Care

Massage therapy is a wonderful treatment option for a whole host of ailments and issues, it’s been perfected over hundreds – even thousands of years. The most common ailments treated tend to be lingering old injuries or pains that won’t go away, like old sports injuries that were never fully treated. Stress and headaches along with other chronic issues can be treated with massage therapy also, believe it or not. Massages are great for both physical and mental issues, manipulating certain parts of the body can have profound healing effects on others. It’s worth going to your local parlor and talking to someone about your issues and what they think would be best for you.

Hair Stylist

Having neatly manicured hair is somewhat of a social expectation these days, in professional settings well-kept hair is the minimal expectation. Nothing can make you feel confident and happy like going out with a fresh haircut. Haircuts are more important than you may think when it comes to maintaining your own looks and the health of your hair. Hair grows out over time, and as it gets longer the ends get more damaged and breaks apart, making it look frizzy and just unhealthy. Having these ends trimmed off on a regular basis promotes the growth of new healthy hair and helps to keep the entire strand of hair healthy from top to bottom. Your daily hair care routines impact your hair’s health more than you may know. If you wash your hair every single day you’re probably stripping it of all the oils it needs to protect it and stay strong. Also when drying your hair, if you rub instead of dab you’re tearing up your hair on the microscopic level, causing those split ends to form sooner. And if you’re doing anything like flat ironing your hair, you’re causing quite a bit of damage without a doubt. Contact Hair Stylists Clayton for more information.